Veolia Water is a reliable, driven-by technology supplier of products and services for the purification of process water and wastewater.

In the Netherlands, Veolia Water manages about 2.500 service agreements with a team of 20 service technicians. For Veolia, it is very important to have better and more efficient planning and coordination as well as a fast reaction time concerning service jobs. 

On average, they manage 1 to 6 jobs/day/technician. Their customers are used to getting the best service possible. They are known in their field of specialty as a supplier of qualitative, high-grade products and services. For instance, Veolia works in fields like the industry, the public sector, the maritime and offshore sectors, and laboratories. 

“That’s why the expectations of our customers about the performances and about how fast we can solve their problems is extremely high,” says Inge van Dijk, IT coordinator at Veolia Water. “So naturally we thought a Field Service Management software could help us fulfill even better these expectations.”

We had a team on the road and at the office and it did not feel like one team, but two different ones: they “in the field” and they “at the office”. We wanted to connect them through the same solution.

Inge van Dijk

We wanted to decrease the communication via the telephone because this often led to misunderstandings. The goal was to support the field force as well as the employees at the office, with the same customer information and equipment details so that everyone would be up to date about everything!”

MTTR (mean time to repair) from 4 days to 1 day!

With Wello Solutions’ Field Service, Inge and her team got an online planning and dispatching tool that lowered their MTTR (mean time to repair) from four days to one day because the planner can now see the work order statuses, travel times, and geolocations of every service technician and every job site. And because service technicians can see if they have the right parts at hand when starting their day.

Second interventions reduced by 27%

Now using one centralized field service software including a mobile app, Veolia has as well been able to lower the number of second interventions. Or, increase their “first-time fix”. In part because part inventory is now transparent, but also because work instructions are now followed accurately within the mobile app. So naturally, quality increases.

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