Inspection forms

Effortlessly execute inspections, audit facilities, and certifications from a unified platform. Wello Solutions' Field Service Management Software adapts seamlessly to various inspection types and locations worldwide. Enjoy the advantage of universal access to consistent, accurate information and customer documentation throughout your organization, fostering collaboration between field and office teams.


No manual work, ensuring everyone receives certificates promptly.

Ideal for inspections, whether it's a machine, appliances, building, or school.

If you use measurement devices for combustion, air flows, or similar, you will love this. Benefit from streamlined approval
and certification processes, with all documents, certifications, and images securely stored in Wello Solutions for easy retrieval through
our granular search engine, ensuring a permanent and efficient record-keeping system.


Our smart checklists ensure standardized and organized tasks, ensuring consistent high-quality output. It eliminates the risk of missing information with paperless instructions accessible to anyone, anytime. Work faster, more securely, and stay on schedule with smart checklists. 


Pick a template or craft your own;  It will be automatically added to a work order depending on the form settings. From inspections to certifications and measurements, create unlimited forms tailored to your needs. Simply access the portal settings for seamless customization.

Let's talk about your chain of operations

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Having all the information you need in a single view, dashboard

Service desk

The Customer Portal, or "Service Desk," allows your accounts to monitor call requests, equipment status, and work order history. Contacts can effortlessly retrieve certifications, inspection reports, and all service records for any equipment at their convenience. A valuable enhancement offered by the Service Desk. Grant access on the contact level for efficient management—Set up your own Service Desk, grant access, and personalize the "About Us" section to communicate service conditions and helpdesk hours to amplify your customer engagement seamlessly.

Service Reports

The PDF builder is essential for service companies, facilitating the creation of PDFs, especially for 'work order approval' or Service Reports. Simply add the "forms" object to dynamically display filled content. The Service Report, received by email at the end of the service, details the technician's actions, machine information, warranty status, spare parts used, hours worked, and more. Checklists, forms, and pictures can also be seamlessly added to enhance Service Reports.

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