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Streamline Your Business: Top Integration Software Solutions

  • AFAS

    Streamline Your Field Service Business Processes with Integrated Software

    The AFAS software package provides a comprehensive solution for consolidating all your business operations. From HR management and billing to procurement and accounting, every aspect of your business can be optimized within a single platform. Integrating with Wello Solutions, this package offers a unified experience that aims to conserve your time and resources, fostering business growth.

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  • Exact Online

    Optimize your accounting processes with Exact Online integration

    Reduce manual tasks and concentrate on expanding your Field Service Business with Wello Solutions, thanks to our seamless integration with Exact Online.

    Enjoy effortless and automated bidirectional communication.

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  • Microsoft Business Central

    Wello has developed an off-the-shelf connector with Business Central. Just your Business Central email and password are enough to setup the connection. The Business Central connector is an off-the-shelf connector with easy to follow configuration steps. For each entity, you can decide what to synchronize to Wello Field Service and what to synchronize back.

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  • Odoo

    Wello Solutions, in collaboration with Oodo, streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency by ensuring everyone has access to the ideal tool for their tasks, seamlessly integrated.

    Enjoy unparalleled agility, minimal data input and a swift user interface. Operations are completed in less than a minute.

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  • SAP Business One

    Leverage SAP B1 to Expand Your Business Digitally

    The era of juggling various systems for one objective is behind us.

    Integrating Wello Solutions provides seamless, immediate data integration between your Field Service Management and SAP Business One system.

    Our FSM platform positions SAP Business One at the core of your digital field operations. It harnesses your existing ERP data, simplifying your process to just one system maintenance – your ERP.

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    Enhance Precision with Wello Solutions and TESTO devices: Master Accurate Measurements

    Utilize Testo measurement devices to achieve unmatched precision in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating measurements, boosting both efficiency and accuracy when generating highly readable service reports and certifications.

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  • VEKA

    In certain countries worldwide, organisations like VEKA Connector are necessary, VEKA operate in the Flemish region of Belgium which is essential for the HVAC sector. Service providers for heating systems gain significantly, as utilizing this connector is required for submitting maintenance reports to VEKA automatically. Without the VEKA connector, manual submission is the only alternative… Moreover, these reports mandate the inclusion of specific measurements, which typically require a measuring device for accuracy. Wello connects seamlessly with devices like TESTO, Eurolyzer and others.

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  • Wello API

    In today’s competitive service industry, achieving cost-effectiveness, resource optimization, and efficient time management are crucial for success. Yet, many service-oriented businesses continue to operate with manual processes and traditional methods, which may no longer suffice in satisfying the modern, tech-savvy customer’s expectations for prompt and efficient service.

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  • Zapier

    Effortlessly Integrate Wello Solutions with Your Favorite Apps. Zapier automates your work across 6000+ app integrations, so you can focus on what matters.

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