Repair and maintenance flows

Tailored for companies specializing in installation, maintenance, and repair services, our platform is designed to streamline your processes, ensuring a seamless and optimized approach to every aspect of your field service operations.

Work Order Management Increase First Time Fix

Say goodbye to inefficient processes, inaccurate data, and disconnected back-office systems. With Wello, track work orders and teams in real-time, auto-schedule multiple orders, and integrate all in one unified platform seamlessly. Everything is automated to ensure immediate visibility for every technician, providing instant access to new work orders or changes in existing ones. Easily view and edit crucial information that might be necessary and relevant. Enhance documentation by attaching files like images and PDFs to work orders, ensuring comprehensive records. Select statuses for seamless work order progression and enjoy heightened visibility, collaboration, and efficiency at every stage of your work order management process.

Service contracts

Our service contracts offer flexible, customer-centric solutions for success. Enhance operations with our service contract solutions, efficiently managing diverse elements such as financial aspects, preventive maintenance service models, and SLA’s. These dynamic solutions automate preventive maintenance and invoicing based on contract settings, ensuring a seamless and accurate maintenance and billing process.

Relevant Case

Maintenance calendar

Revolutionize your maintenance planning with our cutting-edge system. Experience seamless organization, real-time monitoring, and instant calendar access, all achieved effortlessly without the need for time-consuming phone calls. Changes made are instantly reflected on the field service platform, preserving valuable communication time and promoting efficient planning.

Let's talk about your chain of operations

Takе your businеss to nеw hеights with Wеllo, thе prеmiеr fiеld sеrvicе platform dеsignеd for tеams. Effortlеssly manage job schеdulеs, dispatch tasks, strеamlinе invoicing, monitor pеrformancе, and facilitatе prompt paymеnts – all through a unifiеd and еfficiеnt platform. Empowеr your businеss for unparallеlеd succеss with Wеllo.

Equipment/parts management

Efficiently manage your equipment and parts with automatic location linking. When creating a work order, the address is automatically derived from the main location associated with the equipment. No need for specific "equipment" to create work orders though; locations suffice. If revisiting the same customer is infrequent, it's recommended to work with locations only, eliminating the need for equipment tracking unless legally required.

W.O. Completion

Easily customize your WO completion flow for technicians, ensuring seamless information entry and work order finalization. Technicians starting a work order initiate the 'in progress' status, entering the completion process with two key steps: adding information and finalizing/closing the order. There is a slightly different process for work orders planned on multiple technicians. Closing a work order is streamlined to provide a new status. Technicians can choose from customized options like Intermediate Signature, Waiting for Further Action, Closed and more, based on your WO completion settings. Wello Solutions optimizes work order life cycles, from Open to Done, offering a comprehensive framework for efficient planning, execution, and reporting.

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