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Go Digital: Replace Pen and Paper with the Ultimate Starter Kit

Per administrator or technician
Key features include:
  • Manage customers & equipments
  • Manage all your service parts
  • Create and plan work orders
  • Full digital work order execution with the Wello mobile app
  • Geolocate technicians
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Create, Plan, Execute and Invoice work orders for all your customers

Per administrator or technician
Key features include:
  • Everything in Start
  • Web based portal and service desk for your customers
  • Create extra capacity with contractors
  • Customize your work order flows
  • Create custom fields

Boost Growth, Save Time, and Elevate Revenue with Top Tools for All Business Sizes

Per administrator or technician
Key features include:
  • Everything in Advanced
  • Manage Service Maintenance Contracts
  • Generate detailed Warranty Plans with Bill of Materials
  • Increase quality with checklists
  • Add precision with skills

Excel with Wello by maximizing your growth with our full suite of services.

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Per administrator or technician
Key features include:
  • Everything in Professional
  • Monitor all your SLA’s closely
  • Track through detailed activity logs
  • Automate with Planning & Route Assistant
  • Route optimization with Smart Scheduler add on

Feature Comparison

Workforce management
Administrators License per Administrator. Administrators have full access. They manage everything on the portal as well as users. They can execute everything in the field as well as in the workshop using the mobile app. License License License License
Technicians License per Technician. Technicans can execute everything in the field and inside the workshop using the mobile app. License License License License
Customize acces & rights by role or user
Back-office users Back-office users require a light license. They can execute everything on the portal. Light Light Light
Timesheets users Timesheet users require a light license. They can register timesheets on the mobile app. Light Light Light
Subcontractors Subcontractors require credits. They have access to the mobile app to execute work orders. Requires 'dispatch' add-on with Advanced or Professional plan. Credits Credits Credits
Manage availibilities Manage legal holidays and availibilities of your teams and every technician
Manage teams and vehicles Build and display service teams on your planboard. Manage vehicles and mileage for easy tax declarations and stock management
Custom fields Add any field you need to register data about your users in a structured way. Select field type, add values and drag & drop to desired location
Skills management Use skill sets to automatically identify the right technician for the work order
Manage locations and equipments
Document store Link documents, manuals and pictures to customers, equipments, work orders, … Tag them if required and use our advanced search engine to search and (bulk) download any picture or document added one day.
Parts management Manage all your service parts. Make full use of regular, serialized and ‘service’ parts. Manage detailed pricing options for real margin optimization
Used parts tracking View used parts history and clickthrough to the details
Log book Use the log book to track the complete equipment history in one overview. No need to open every work order.
Custom fields Add any field you need to register data about your equipment or create spec sheets in a structured way. Select field type, add values and drag & drop to desired location
Stock locations Manage warehouses and vehicles to register used parts correctly
Bill of Material Create bill of materials based on templates. Use them to automate work orders and speed up execution in the field
Changelogs Track all changes to your equipments and see who changed what and when
Work orders
Manage work orders From registering the call request and adding the recommended parts to the planning and execution in the field, manage the full work order life cycle
Service forms With the drag and drop form-builder, create service forms with smart options
Custom fields Add any field you need to register data about your work orders in a structured way. Select field type, add values and drag & drop to desired location
Custom work order flows Customize every work order flow to your needs
Service contracts Agree with your customers about the service conditions and manage them easily in Wello 1 One contract per customer Multiple Multiple contracts per customer
Preventive maintenance plans Generate, plan and dispatch work orders automatically based on your preventive maintenance schedules avoiding any non-compliance with a contract
Checklist Manage checklists and smart work instructions to guarantee quality of execution
Helpdesk module Manage incoming requests inside the helpdesk module and assign the tickets to the team efficiently. Collect all the information and convert the ticket in one click to a work order
SLA management Manage and monitor the service levels such as response, arrival and resolution times of work orders throughout their life cycle.
Review process When technicians set a work order as "Ready for Review," service managers can review and complete it.
Changelogs Track all changes to your work orders and see who changed what and when
Drag & drop planning Drag & drop work orders easily on the timeline and configure your plan board just like you want to have it
Provisional planning Make a provisional day/week/month planning and confirm everything in one click
Recurrent planning Easily plan the same work order on recurrent timeslots
Geolocation of technicians and work orders Locate your technicians and work order progress in real-time on the map
Planning assistant Based on more than 10 different parameters, the Planning Assistant will suggest you the most ideal planning slot
Route assistant Use the map to plan the most efficient routes for your technicians
Travel time Real travel times are displayed on the planboard allowing you to plan accurately
Advanced planning views & options Switch between3 different planning views with interactive windows. Use planning validation rules to help you allocate the right technicians at the right moment
Dispatch Dispatch work orders to technicans
Workshop management Fully manage your workshop environment
Smart scheduler Fully automated optimized routes generation saving valuable time and fuel Add On
Mobile App
Android, iOS and Windows apps The Wello app runs on Android, iOS and Windows tablets & smartphones
Offline mode Works in fully functional offline mode and synchronizes automatically in the background
Destinations map & directions module View workorders and route on the map. Start navigation in one click.
Realtime GPS location Technicians are geolocated in realtime and can see where their colleagues are. Of course planners also see where technicians are.
Timesheets & mileage Simplify the life of your workforce with an automated timesheet registration tool and activity tracker, avoiding cumbersome administrative work.
Create & plan work orders Create and plan any work order in the app, generating the corresponding work order flow at the same time
Access all equipment details
Measurement device connector Connect with any measurement device (combustion, air flow, ...) to instantly get all the values inside the service report
Seamless testo connector
Technician dashboard Boost your technicians with their weekly/monthly/yearly achievements and peer ranking
One week ahead planned work order list View all your planned work orders 10 days ahead.
3 months ahead planned work order list Here you can see all planned work orders 3 months ahead.
Dispatched work orders Technicians can accept and plan (or reject) dispatched work orders.
Work order review process
Workshop work orders Workshop work orders appear in the technican's queue ready to be started.
Inventory look-up Technician can look-up stock levels of any stock location for any service part.
Helpdesk module Even when on the road or on call, allow your workforce to help customers.
Reschedule work orders Allows technicians to schedule or reschedule their work orders.
App 2 App Communication 2-way communication between the Wello Field Service app and other apps.
Multi-language management Enable any language you need to communicate in the language of your customer
Customizable templates Manage email & PDF templates easily. Use drag & drop to create specific templates for every communication context.
Communication triggers Notify your customers about important work order status changes.
Planned work order reminders Create, customize and email your planned work order reminders.
TxT integration Easy set up a TXT messaging service
Wello customer portal Access for your customers to the customer portal. People can view the full equipment list, work order history, submit helpdesk tickets and search for documents 20 people 100 people Unlimited
Advanced communication triggers Enable intelligent triggers to communicate or notify to customers and workforce at key moments in the service process.
Customizable email settings Fully personalize the email settings using your own email server credentials for automated communications
Monitoring & reporting
Full work order history
Full data export You can easily export your data from every grid in excel, csv or xml format!
Document search engine Use our granular document search engine to easily find every document, certification or picture taken one day.
Embedded Dashboards
Picture tags Tag pictures to easily search for them later on.
Advance - BI
Expert BI Add On Add On Add On Add On
Dashboard and reporting enabler The dashboard & report enabler allows you to connect any Business Intelligence tool with your Wello database without any performance impact nor security breach. Add On
Manage customers and people Unlilitted number of customers and people for every plan.
Invoices Automatically invoice all your work orders so you never forget nor miss anything anymore
Customer & people segmentation Use advanced segmentation options to connect with your marketing tools.
Quotes & Sales orders Create, submit and win quotes easily to generate next actions out of the wins.
Custom fields Add any field you need to register data in a structured way. Select field type, add values and drag & drop to desired location
Advanced billing rules Manage use cases where the "location" party is different from the "bill to" party
Credit rules Use financial status rules for a cost-efficient field service organization
Multiple service area's Link technicians to different service area's for detailed planning and refined data filtering on technicians' app.
Multiple service organizations Manage multiple service organizations or business units in one single domain.
Data import Import large datasets using our easy-to-use excel import wizard. Import customers, people, parts catalog, locations, equipments and checklists
Native connectors Wello plug&play connectors to instantly connect to your ERP.
Connector marketplace to 2000+ apps Connect to more than 2000 apps in minutes using Zapier or Integromat ready-to-use templates.
On-demand integration Add On Add On Add On Add On
Wello API Documented API to build your own connector.
Wello Advanced API Fully documented API with advanced options to build your own connector
Security & Privacy
99% uptime
Personal data export and deletion
24/7 monitoring
GDPR compliant
Customize access by user or user groups
Test environment Add On 1 included Minimum €25k spend annually. Max DB size <10gb
Custom data privacy requests Add On
Customer Success & Support
Support Standard 10/5 response time Standard 10/5 response time Standard 10/5 response time Premium 10/5 priority response time, Minimum €25K spend annually
Onboarding Packs Add On Add On Add On Add On
Product strategy session Add On Add On Add On 1 Included Minimum €25k spend annually
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Add On Add On Add On Included Minimum €25k spend annually

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wello Solutions?

Wello Solutions offers a flexible, industry-adaptable field service management software that boosts efficiency. Manage your business effortlessly from desktop or mobile with the Wello Solutions Mobile App, scheduling jobs, tracking leads, and monitoring technicians in real-time. Simplify billing and invoicing to transcend traditional methods. Choose Wello Solutions for rapid growth, brand enhancement, and superior customer service.

Can I use Wello Solutions in my preferred language?

Absolutely! Wello Solutions is committed to providing a versatile and inclusive platform, making it accessible in multiple languages. We understand the importance of navigating and managing your operations in the language you're most comfortable with. Currently, Wello Solutions supports 9 languages: English (EN), French (FR), German (DE), Dutch (NL), Polish (PL), Spanish (ES), Ukrainian (UA), Italian (IT), and Turkish (TR). This diversity ensures that you can enjoy the full range of features and facilities within Wello Solutions in your local language, enhancing your user experience and operational efficiency.

What does the onboarding process involve at Wello Solutions?

At Wello Solutions, we've meticulously crafted the onboarding experience for our Field Service Trial to ensure you're quickly up to speed with the platform's most valuable features. Our goal is to introduce you to the key workflows, service processes, views, and communication tools that will be integral to your daily operations. For those seeking a tailored onboarding experience, we offer specialized Success and support packages. These can be added to any subscription plan, providing you with a more personalized setup and guidance to meet your unique business needs. This approach ensures that you can leverage the full potential of Wello Solutions right from the start.

What are the costs associated with Wello Solutions?

Wello Solutions provides a variety of pricing plans tailored to fit different business needs, ensuring there's an option for every user. Detailed information about our pricing tiers can be accessed on our pricing page. Regardless of the plan selected, all users benefit from features like smart scheduling and dispatching, along with access to our fully integrated mobile app. Companies specializing in Field Service Management have reported an impressive 35% growth within just 60 days of adopting our platform.

How quickly can I get started with Wello Solutions?

Setting up Wello Solutions is straightforward and hassle-free, requiring no downloads or installations. Our onboarding specialists are ready to assist you from the get-go, ensuring a smooth start. For continuous support, our team is available via phone, chat, or email. Plus, our resource centre is filled with articles, tips, and tricks to help you maximize the platform's benefits right away.

Is it possible to integrate Wello Solutions with other platforms?

Absolutely! Wello Solutions is designed to seamlessly connect with various systems, including ERPs, IoT sensors, BI platforms, and more. This integration capability enables data sharing, record synchronization, and workflow automation across platforms. We provide a well-documented API and support 3000+ no-code integrations through Zapier, making it easier to extend and enhance your operational ecosystem.

Do I need specific technical skills to operate Wello Solutions?

Not at all. Wello Solutions is crafted for easy setup and use by operations managers without requiring special technical skills. Our features are developed with simplicity and user-friendliness at the forefront. To ensure you get the most out of the platform, we suggest a brief training of a few hours for new customers' account administrators, aimed at enhancing overall efficiency and ease of use.

How can I make payments?

We accept a wide range of payment methods, including bank transfers and all major credit and debit cards. Annual plans are billed at the time of purchase for your convenience.

Is a contract required to use Wello Solutions?

No long-term contract is needed. We offer various plans tailored to different business needs, billed annually for simplicity so you can focus on your business.

What's the fastest way to reach you in case I need help?

Your business is really important to us. You can contact us through the Contact page, or via live chat and we'll respond during our working hours.

How secure is Wello Solutions?

Your data's security and privacy are our highest priority. We safeguard all customer information with SSL Encryption, adhering to the robust standards set by any leading companies in the internet world. Our platform is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud, with regular security assessments conducted in collaboration with expert third-party security firms to ensure the strongest protections are always in place.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime via your account page. Access to premium features continues until the end of your current billing cycle.

What is your VAT number?

Our VAT number is BE 0459.288.169.

Do you provide a trial for paid plans?

A free trial is available for 14 days and the freemium plans are on request for customers with a minimum of 5 users. Please contact our sales team to get started.

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Don't hesitate to explore our knowledge base or contact us directly for assistance. We're here to help!

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