ROMASS repairs and maintains garage doors of all makes and models, whether it’s for companies or private individuals. This service is performed by ROMASS’s technicians – a conscious decision that enables them to offer a high-quality service. For bookkeeping and invoicing, ROMASS calls on Exact Online. However, business strategist Maikel Brouwer realized that there was a great deal of efficiency to be gained by automating the paperwork of technicians and planners and leaving the administrative processes to Exact. This brought him to Wello Solutions, a Field Service application that offers an automatic connection with Exact so that data can be exchanged. Perfect teamwork between Exact and Wello Solutions ‘The integration between Wello Solutions and Exact Online has enabled us to make huge improvements in our service organization by working faster and more efficiently.

If you want to let two systems talk to each other, you have to expect that there will be some configuring of the connection between the two. But this ran surprisingly well.

Maikel Brouwer

Integration with Exact Online

One of the points Romass had to implement, was integrating their ERP system “Exact Online” with Wello Solutions’ Field Service. Data, such as clients, people, parts, and prices are managed in Exact. Work orders, planning, and field service execution are done in Wello Solutions’ Field Service. By linking these two using the Wello Solutions native connector, the whole process took less than 2 minutes. From the first work order to the final invoice, the integration is perfectly regulated and automated.

“This saves us a great deal of work and puts us in the position to offer a better and more transparent service to our clients,”  says Maikel. The Romass technicians now register everything in the Wello Solutions’ Field Service app. As soon as the client signs on the technician’s tablet, the details are immediately sent to Exact ready for invoicing. “Everyone is happy and it has saved a huge amount of time,” says Brouwer.

Missing a spare part? No problem!

Sometimes technicians are on site when they notice that an installation or repair can’t be performed without additional parts that they don’t have on hand. Until now, the administrative rigmarole that then needed to be set into motion involved telephone calls, emails, and a great deal of paperwork between the technician, the client, and finally the back office staff that contacted the supplier.

Unnecessary delays, incorrect orders, and important details that were forgotten when it was time for invoicing were part of the course. But this has all changed. Using the Wello Solutions’ Field Service app, technicians can now place direct orders that are linked to their assignments and clients. All details are provided with accuracy and are immediately available to bookkeeping and the internal service.

Communication for more trust

“Wello Solutions also allows us to automatically communicate with our clients in near real-time.” Based on specific service triggers, clients receive automatic confirmation of activities, appointments, or approved service reports in their mailbox. “It may look like a minor detail, but in a client relationship, they breed trust,” explains Brouwer.

From the kick-off to the first invoice in just two weeks

When ROMASS joined Wello Solutions, they also signed up for some training sessions. After an initial session where the team was involved in configuring the application to the needs of ROMASS, practice started.

“We took this in stride – the application is extremely user-friendly. Nonetheless, as a new way of working for many of our technicians, I found it important that there was training provided in the second step. The technicians now like to work with the app on their tablets. With the training and the link to the Wello Solutions helpdesk for coaching, they have been very quick to get underway with the application. We were up and running within two weeks, including training. And that’s simply unbelievable for an application that has had so much impact on our activities.”

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