The vision of Brinks is to be the most respected worldwide leader in security solutions. One of its activities is to install and maintain access, security and alarm systems for banks, supermarkets, warehouses, and owners of large estates.

Pain points

One recurrent item in the security world is that customers want to be sure their security systems are operational 24h/7. So the need to be informed about everything is high. Communication is key. Because everything was done on paper, communication flows were slow, and offering full and real-time transparency was difficult. Each time there was a security issue somewhere, it took a lot of time to collect all the papers and information to inform the customer after-sales service to maintain a full working security system day in and day out, which was done according to the contract agreement.

All this was an even bigger problem for any intervention happening in the WE. Our field technicians were called and acted promptly. But when customers called the office Monday morning, the back office was not informed yet of the issue. Paperwork arrived much later….

This system was not sustainable anymore. Brinks needed a system that could give real-time overview and insight into every field service process, and that could inform customers in real-time about every field service activity: past, current, and future.

Another pain point was to being able to repair any security system at the first visit. A security system that is down, is already a bad situation. A technician that has to drive back to the office to pick up some missing parts to repair the broken system, is an additional problem. It prolonged the time the security system was down. Managing van stock and knowing what parts need to be replenished, was a key request from the Service Managers at Brinks.

Wello Solutions brings us a real-time overview of all our security services in one single system.

Vikash Augnu


The number one benefit of Wello Solutions’ Field Service, is that the full-service process is inside one system. Everyone has a real-time view of every process. Technicians on-site work offline, but as soon as their smartphones have an online connection, all the information is automatically synchronized in both directions. The back office is informed where a technician is, and what the status of the work order is, and can immediately access the service report seconds after completion.

Customers are also informed. Work order flows can be fully configured in Wello Solutions, allowing to implementation of not only planning and completion flows but also communication flows. Emails or TXT messages, reminders, … Customers are automatically informed of every step we want to communicate about. They also received the work order approval seconds after the technician left.

Customer Portal

Insurance companies play a significant role in the security business to reduce risk. In this case the financial risk. To verify the customer is applying all the security measures required by the insurance company, they ask for a lot of documents about the installation, maintenance, and repair of the access, security, and alarm systems. Through a customer portal, the customers from Brinks have now access to the full work order history. Thanks to a detailed document search engine, they can find any inspection, repair, or certification document or any picture an insurance company would require. Within minutes.


Brinks has a specific logistics flow to manage the van stocks. With Wello Solutions’ Field Service, it is possible to see which parts have been used for what type of equipment, giving real-time insight into van stock situation and velocity. Van stock is now replenished in time, reducing the time-to-repair significantly.

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