Discover the Latest updates from Wello Solutions: Elevate Your Experience Now!

We’re excited to share that Wello Solutions has seamlessly transitioned its latest updates from beta to live across all Workspaces, offering you a smoother and more efficient experience than ever before.

Introducing Our Revolutionary Form Builder

Experience a New Level of Clarity and Dive into our modernized User Interface where Active and Inactive forms stand out with crystal-clear distinction. We’ve entirely reimagined the Forms Composer to make creating forms a breeze. Our innovative guided wizard effortlessly leads you through each step of the form design process, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience.

Our Premier System Templates

Your gateway to producing unalterable official documents or certifications. Tailor your PDF visibility to perfection using the advanced PDF Composer embedded within our system form. Featuring the VEKA-approved form as our current highlight, we’re committed to expanding this collection, ensuring you have access to a growing repository of premium templates over time.

Enhanced Form Properties

Our updated form builder not only preserves the trusted parameters you’re accustomed to but now empowers you with expanded features, including “Form Type” and “PDF Options.” Define your form’s purpose with ease—be it a safety checklist or a project completion document—through the “Form Type” setting. Meanwhile, “PDF Options” offers you the flexibility to tailor your PDF output: generate it as a standalone document, incorporate it directly into your PDF file, or opt for internal use where the form remains exclusively within the system. Experience the next level of customization and efficiency in your form-building process.

​Enhanced Form Composer

We blend the comfort of familiar features with the excitement of new capabilities, including “Testo Measurement” and “Custom Fields.” These innovations allow for the integration of personalized user, company, and installation fields directly into your forms.

With the addition of values entered by technicians on forms being automatically reflected on the associated equipment—and the reverse—our system guarantees a flawless data integration process.

Mobile Preview

To provide a clearer visualization of form fields and empower you to preview exactly how your forms will display on smartphones and tablets, right from the design stage. we’ve introduced unparalleled clarity and ensure your forms are optimized for mobile users, enhancing usability and engagement.

Forms PDF Preview: Precision at Your Fingertips

Our Forms PDF Preview feature offers you a comprehensive glimpse into how your form will look in its PDF format, catering to both internal and external distribution needs. This functionality grants you the power to scrutinize and refine your form’s layout with unmatched accuracy, guaranteeing a sleek and professional appearance every time.

Forms Measurement Chapter to Streamline Your Data Visualization

Upon designing your PDF layout, you now have the capability to incorporate a chapter dedicated to showcasing all data collected from Testo devices, presented in a structured Grid view. This addition not only enhances the versatility of your reports but also ensures that valuable data is readily available and efficiently organized for future needs.

Custom Fields for Bill of Materials (BoM) to Elevate Your Parts Management with Tailored Details

Our Custom Fields feature for the Bill of Materials empowers you to comprehensively capture and convey all essential information about parts crucial to your business. Seamlessly configure these fields within the admin settings to ensure they are prominently displayed on the BoM, associated with specific equipment. By editing a part within the BoM, these details become readily accessible, streamlining your inventory management and enhancing operational efficiency.

We’re committed to continuously improving and updating Wello Solutions to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Explore the new features today and see how they can transform your field service management experience.

Stay tunеd for a morе dеtailеd and еnrichеd usеr еxpеriеncе as we continuе to еnhancе our product in thе upcoming rеlеasеs!

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