When running a field service business, time management is crucial for success and growth. Effective time management isn’t about managing time, but about managing yourself. Learning how to accomplish more in less time allows you to focus on what’s most important. Here are eight essential tips to better manage your time, increase productivity, and boost your revenue. 

1. Manage Time on the Road 

More Driving Time = Less Money: If you’re in the car, you’re not making money. Planning driving distances for yourself and your techs is essential. Efficiently manage multiple service areas by delegating specific zones to specific techs, reducing driving time and fuel costs. For zones outside your main location, consider hiring subcontractors who live in those areas. Charge more for jobs during rush hour and provide Zoom estimates to save on travel time. 

2. Be Prepared with the Right Equipment 

Prevent Time Loss: Driving to a job without the right equipment results in huge time losses, possible job cancellations, and a bad reputation. Save money in the long term by investing in a larger stock of equipment in advance. Track your inventory efficiently to avoid shortages, and train your techs to prepare in advance with a checklist. 

3. Automate Your Service Business 

Boost Efficiency: Use automated client notifications to reduce missed appointments and keep clients in the loop. Track your tech’s time on the job and optimize their workflows. Replace paper invoices with software like Wello Solutions to create and send invoices, track payments, and follow up. Optimize your marketing spend by tracking which ads produce the most jobs, and listen to call recordings to understand why jobs are canceled and improve customer interactions. 

4. Optimize Your Dispatcher’s Time 

Limit Call Duration: Dispatchers should provide relevant information and answer questions quickly. When clients start negotiating prices, request to discuss this in person before the job. Use call queues to avoid missed calls during peak times, ensuring all incoming calls are handled efficiently. 

5. Start Delegating Tasks 

Delegate Effectively: You can’t do everything yourself. Learn to delegate tasks to others, building a strong, successful team. Understand your techs’ strengths and weaknesses, and assign tasks to those with the most relevant skills. Effective delegation allows you to use your time more strategically. 

6. Avoid Time-Wasting Clients 

Focus on High-Value Clients: Shift your focus from servicing everyone to targeting customers who benefit most from your services. Politely end conversations with time-wasting clients by mentioning other job commitments. Use driving time to call talkative clients, making use of otherwise unproductive time. 

7. Implement Efficient Scheduling 

Utilize Provisional Planning: The planning board provides a snapshot of scheduled and pending work orders, enabling real-time tracking. Once definitively planned, the schedule syncs with the technician’s mobile app. Provisional planning allows you to explore options before confirming, ensuring optimal use of time and resources. 

8. Maximize Workforce Capacity 

Optimize Operations: Workforce capacity is a crucial metric for field service managers. Assess whether your workforce is at full, below, or over capacity. Wello’s all-in-one field service management platform helps you manage jobs efficiently, organize team schedules, and ensure synchronization with customers, inventory, payments, and more. 

By following these eight tips, field service professionals can enhance productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. Wello Solutions offers the tools needed to streamline your operations and grow your business. 

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